How AI Is Helping Adidas Boost Its Personalized Email Marketing Game

Amy Smith
3 min readFeb 25, 2021


Table of contents:

  • Sending emails
  • Convenience of automation
  • Smart Personalization
  • The role of big data
  • Increased engagement
  • Email timing calibration
  • Personalization of promotions
  • Discovering new segments
  • Conclusion

During the past few months, an interesting pattern has emerged. People have been motivated to move more. Activity in exercise has not slowed down, even as temperatures drop-in in pockets across the globe.

Sending Emails: Sending emails has been an integral part of digital marketing for its direct approach and cost-effective methodology.

In terms of its direct approach and cost-effective technique, sending emails has become an important part of digital marketing.

  • Global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020)
  • 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. (
  • 93% of B2B marketers use email channels for distributing content. (
  • 21.33% is the average open rate for email newsletter across all industries(backlinko)

Adidas has also concentrated its marketing investments and resources on digital and social media platforms and a rise in digital storytelling.

The brand has shared inspiring home stories from the daily lives of numerous brand ambassadors around the world who show creative ways to make the most of their time at home and continue to exercise, of course.

Source: brand equity

The Convenience Of Automation: AI-powered systems make it possible to set up automatic or drip campaigns depending on what point someone is at in the customer journey, guided by customer data. To set up automated campaigns that are programmed to cultivate your leads, the technology utilizes past transactions, preferences, and browsing habits.

Smart Personalization: Some of the most popular campaigns for email marketing are focused on designing emails that look like people have written them personally rather than machine-generated ones.

In order to produce data-driven insights, AI technology helps analyze customer behavior and research their desires. This helps you to create personalized emails that are tailored for and for your subscribers.

The Role Of Big Data: Without the support of big data, both personalization and automation of an email marketing campaign wouldn’t be possible. To deal with this kind of concept, you don’t have to be a big company, particularly if you’re trying to segment your subscribers to create more personalized emails.

Increased Engagement: To find out which email would perform best for a particular audience, the standard practice of email marketers involved manually testing the correct combination of a subject line, email body, and images. This was a tedious process, for obvious reasons, which was prone to human error.

Email Timing Calibration: Sending too many emails to your subscribers raises the chance that they will opt-out, but if you submit too few, you risk the competition overtaking you. AI takes the guesswork out of the equation and calculates the correct times to send out emails automatically based on the activity history of your subscribers.

Personalization Of Promotions: Based on their history, preferences, and behaviors, AI knows what promo works best for each of your clients, whether it’s product reviews, promotions, freebies, or discounts. Get the best web developers san diego for your business.

Discovering New Segments: Machine learning enables advertisers to group their subscribers based not just on simple data such as age, location, and history of purchase, but also on complex behavioral signals. These subtle patterns of activity can be converted into fresh and distinct marketing segments that can be managed with modified custom campaigns.

Conclusion: AI Is Helping Adidas to boost their business and helping them to reach their goals. The strategies explained in this article will help you to understand the basic and necessary things which need to be understood while using the AI technique.



Amy Smith

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