Top Conversion Rate Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Amy Smith
3 min readNov 1, 2022


Top 10 Conversion Rate Metrics is important in the world of Internet Marketing.

Having a high conversion rate is key to making your online business a success. Bounce rates, exectic, or “busy” rates all have to be under 10% in order for your site to be considered successful. This means you need to have more than a little marketing flair to help you be successful. Here are some of the top 10 conversion rate optimization topics you should be tracking closely.

1. Website Optimization

One of the first things you should consider when it comes to website conversion rates is how quickly the site loads. Many sites are optimized for certain search engines and this can cause some problems when trying to reach certain visitors who might not be interested in your site. If you want to be successful, you need to optimize your pages for popular search terms and then make changes to your design and coding if need be.

2. UI/UX

It’s important to note that you don’t necessarily want a very large amount of text on each page. Sometimes people skim rather than read. A few paragraphs of pure text is usually sufficient to entice visitors to spend time on your page. If you need to have a lot of content on every single page, you might want to look at using an article directory. There are plenty of these out there that can provide you with plenty of articles to load on your site.

3. Site Speed

The next thing to consider is how fast your page loads. When you’re trying to attract visitors to a site, speed is the most important factor. Websites that take a long time to load and don’t get many visitors don’t do well in today’s market. Make sure you are monitoring how long your pages load and take the appropriate action when necessary.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization

You should also find conversion rate metrics that tell you about your click through rate. This number tells you how many times a visitor clicks on your link on the Internet. If you get a good rate, this means you are getting lots of people to your site. To improve this number, you should make sure your website is as easy as possible to navigate. Look for bounce rate reduction and other performance tweaking measures.

Hopefully you have learned a little bit more about how to select the top 10 conversion rate metrics you should be tracking. Make sure that you always test new software or features before you launch them to the public. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. Testing new conversion rate tracking software or features will get you a better idea of whether or not you are getting the results you want. It will also let you see which parts of your website are performance lacking.

If you need help setting up your conversion rate metrics or you need help measuring your conversion rates, there are several conversion rate specialists out there to help. You simply have to find one. Don’t rush into choosing a service without doing your research. With so many companies out there today claiming to offer the best conversion rate metrics, you will want to make sure you choose the one that offers the most value and the best overall system.

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